Our Philosophy


The goal of Architecture is to provide spaces and environments for living that promote relaxing enjoyment, provide for a unique spatial experience and stimulate the senses in terms that Architecture has to offer; light, space, shape, rhythm, texture, color.

Good design should excite the spirit and should exist on a plane above the ordinary.

The Architect should be a good listener, so that the image he creates will incorporate the clients wants, needs and desires. Ultimately, a successful design is the fusion of the clients vision and the insights and creativity of the architect.


The desert climate provides for a unique opportunity for custom home designs.

Exterior views are brought into all appropriate living spaces. Clerestory windows are strategically located to flood interior spaces with natural light. Interior spaces are gracefully linked by ample flowing circulation while interior and exterior spaces are linked visually to facilitate active exterior living.

Exterior Architectural form is massaged to settle into the desert topography in a suttle way that does not detract from natural features. Colors and materials are selected to minimize the visual impact, while enhancing the shapes and forms. Finish materials are selected to reflect the color and textures of the immediate or distant natural features.

The solar orientation of all these elements must be thoughtfully manipulated to assure optimum natural lighting, pleasant shading and shadowing, with benificial solar protection and exposure throughout the day and the seasons. Environmental and climatic issues are resolved with high efficiency, state of the art mechanical systems, equipment, windows, appliances, etc. A successful design can always be supplemented with sound “Green Building” and “Sustainable” techniques as deemed appropriate by the Architect and Client.


Good design adds value to a project. A good Architect does not need to reinvent the wheel. Sound, proven building practices can be utilized in new creative combinations.

Exceptional design does not necessarily cost more than a mediocre design, but can often cost less.

Once a budget is set, our goal is to provide the highest level of design and construction quality to give the client the most “bang for the buck”.

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